What to do About a Rusty Air Conditioner

September 15, 2019

The condenser component of your air conditioner is located outside your home, and that means it has the potential to become rusty. If your condenser’s coils rust, they may not be able to transfer cooled air into the interior of your home in an efficient manner. The highly trained HVAC technicians who work with Macari's Service Center in Shelbyville, IL, know the right way to eliminate the woes of a rusty air conditioner.

Removing Rust From Your Condenser

If you read your AC warranty, you may find out that rust buildup is one of the things that can void a warranty. Manufacturers prefer warranty-related work to be performed by experienced and trained technicians. Removing rust from your condenser in Shelbyville requires meticulous attention to detail, so it’s a job best left to trained professionals like the staff at Macari's Service Center.

The exact location of the condenser within its housing can vary according to the AC brand, but our technicians are familiar with several different air conditioner makes and models. We have access to the aerosol chemical foams that are the best solution for removing surface rust and debris.

Preventing Rust Buildup

Macari's Service Center can also work with you on ways to prevent rust from building up on the condensers that help keep your Shelbyville house cool. In some situations, we may recommend applying a protective coating to your condenser’s coils. These coatings may contain substances like epoxy, silane, fluoropolymer, and polyurethane whose application requires specific knowledge of safety guidelines. Our technicians have received extensive training in these types of guidelines.

Scheduling annual air conditioning system maintenance can help prevent rust from corroding your AC unit. Our company also provides other services like AC repairs, AC replacements, and AC installations that are designed to help keep your air conditioning system running optimally. We’ve been providing top-notch HVAC-related services to residential and commercial customers alike since 1957. We also offer plumbing installations and a range of electrical services. Learn more about what our company can do for you by calling us today to set up an appointment.

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