We Have the Best Water Softeners in Shelbyville and the Surrounding Areas!

Water softeners produce high-quality water and have some great benefits to consider. Softened water is excellent for your skin and it makes cleaning a breeze! For those that currently use a water softener system, you might notice cleaner silverware or healthier skin. If you have questions about how these systems work or if you would like to schedule an installation appointment, give us a call today! From repair to installation, our water softener services are the best in the area!

The benefits of choosing a water softener system:

Water Softener System

  • Shinier Silverware
  • Cleaner Glassware
  • Removes Calcium and Magnesium
  • Great For Plumbing Equipment
  • Produces Softer Skin
  • Retains Healthy Minerals
  • Creates Smoother Hair
  • Makes Cleaning Easier
  • And More!

Start Your Path to Cleaner, Healthier Water

Whether you’re looking for healthier skin or you just want superior water quality, call the experts at Macari's Service Center today! Looking for a water softener repair? We have that too! If you notice your system isn’t working as it should, give us a call today. We can inspect your unit, diagnose the issue, and produce results that work for both your time and budget. Whether you need a new water softener unit or any other plumbing service, trust the professionals at Macari's Service Center. Since 1957, we’ve been helping residents in Shelbyville and surrounding areas with all their home comfort needs.