At Macari's Service Center, our commitment to delivering the best is unwavering, and that’s why we proudly partner with GE to bring you leading-edge appliances that redefine daily living. GE is renowned for its dedication to enhancing everyday life through innovative solutions, making the daily grind a breeze.

    As a brand, GE is known for excellence, consistently setting the standard for home appliances that go beyond the ordinary. Their mission, much like ours, is centered around bringing comfort and ease to your home. Our alignment ensures that when you choose GE through us, you’re getting more than appliances; you’re investing in a lifestyle that prioritizes convenience.

    Reliable and Stylish GE Appliances

    We understand the importance of reliable home appliances, and that’s why we proudly partner with GE Appliances for their exceptional quality and meaningful benefits. Crafted with features and designs derived from real-life experiences, GE Appliances contribute to making every day better.

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    Explore Our Wide Range of GE Appliances:

    • Refrigerators
    • Ranges
    • Microwaves
    • Dishwashers
    • UltraFast Combo Laundry Machine
    • Washers
    • Small Appliances
    • Wall Ovens
    • And more!

    GE appliances are at the forefront of addressing genuine needs, setting trends, and simplifying daily routines. From world-class refrigerators to innovative dishwashers, ovens, and efficient washers and dryers, GE appliances are a testament to thoughtful engineering and design. As a company committed to excellence, we appreciate the dedication of the thousands of hardworking Americans who design, engineer, and build GE appliances.

    At Macari's Service Center, we stand by the quality and integrity of GE appliances, ensuring that our customers experience the best in home innovation.

    Trusted Since 1958 for Home Comfort in Shelbyville

    Since 1958, we’ve proudly served the Shelbyville area with top-notch GE products, ensuring your home is equipped with the best. Whether it’s updating your space, handling maintenance, or providing timely repairs, our dedicated team is always here for you.

    With 24/7 emergency service, a friendly sales team, certified technicians, and highly trained installation crews, we prioritize your satisfaction, guaranteed. Choose Macari's Service Center as your trusted partner, and explore endless possibilities for a home that’s efficient, comfortable, and tailored to your needs.

    Explore the possibilities with Macari's Service Center and GE, your trusted partners in delivering quality home solutions in Shelbyville.