How to Prep Your Plumbing for the Colder Months

November 8, 2019

Many things come to mind when planning out steps for winter preparation. People worry about home insulation, their cars and even their lawnmowers. Do they worry about their plumbing? Many don’t, but they should. Plumbing problems in the winter can be serious ones. Remember, frigid temperatures can cause burst pipes. Taking time out to make sure your plumbing is “winter-ready” could avert a disaster.

Ask a Knowledgeable Person

If you aren’t sure how to address winter plumbing prep work, call someone who can help you out. Maybe the time is right for a plumbing inspection to figure out sore spots and any current problems. Once an issue is noted, you can take steps to address the issue. Case in point: if your exterior curb-stop valve is rusted closed, you can’t shut the water off from the curb. That’s a serious issue to uncover. Water heaters, filtration and softening all fall under the plumbing work performed by Macari's Service Center. We serve Shelbyville, IL, and the surrounding areas.

Address Exterior Faucets

A host connects to an exterior faucet, and the faucet connects to a pipe that runs into the home. During freezing weather, cold air can travel through the faucet and freeze the pipes. Preventing freezing involves, in part, shutting off the valve controlling the flow of water to the faucet, draining the water and adding a winter cap over the faucet.

Cover the Pipes

Insulated pipe “blankets” help keep them warm during the cold weather. If something goes wrong with the heating system, the blankets could help keep the pipes insulated from cold air. Even when the furnace works fine, any added protection to the pipes is beneficial.

Tune-Up the Furnace

If the furnace goes out during the below-freezing weather, pipes face a significant risk of bursting. Investing in a furnace tune-up and inspection could improve the odds that the furnace will work as intended during frigid weather.

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